45 and 34 gallons

The Laser FusionTM Barrel

22, 34 and 45 Imperial Gallons

The Laser FusionTM barrel is made of stainless steel and assembled by laser welding. It thus presents no risk of contamination or rust, and is resistant to any strain. Being food grade (approved by the CFIA and the FDA), it can be used to safely store maple syrup and other liquid products destined for consumption. It can also be used for storage of non-food products as well.

The characteristics of the Laser Fusion barrel make it a product on the cutting edge of technology:
— Made in Quebec, Canada
— Compliant with the organic standards
— Made of first-rate stainless steel
— Assembled by an entirely robotized laser fusion process, eliminating any risk of rust
— Nylon cap (central or peripheral)
— Easy to clean
— Recyclable
— Stackable

Material stainless steel,
2B finish
stainless steel,
2B finish
stainless steel,
2B finish
Wall thichness 16 gauge 16 gauge 16 gauge
Height 29,75 inches 29,75 inches 35 inches
Diameter 17 inches 22 inches 22,91 inches
Weight 37 lb 48 lb 57 lb
Capacity 22 gall Imp (26,42 gall US) 34 gall Imp (40,83 gall US) 46,7 gall Imp (56,08 US)
Opening location choices
– centered on top surface
– on the edge of top surface
– on the edge of top surface + 3/4 inch on top

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