35 and 45 gallons


45 and 35 Imperial Gallons

The Evolution Barrel is used by maple farmers in Canada and the United States. Being food grade (approved by the CFIA and the FDA), it is ideal for safely storing maple syrup and other liquid products destined for consumption. It can also be used for storage of non-food products. The translucent material makes it possible to see the liquid level. It offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

These characteristics of the Evolution barrel make it a distinctive product:
— Made in Quebec, Canada
— Compliant with the organic standards
— Composed of top quality and food grade polyethylene
— Without head space, can be entirely filled and totally emptied
— Strong, does not deform
— Easy to clean
— Light
— Recyclable

Material food grade polyethylene
suitable for hot packaging
food grade polyethylene
suitable for hot packaging
Wall thickness 5/16 inch average 3/8 inch average
Height 30 inches 35,125 inches
Diameter 22 inches 24 inches
Weight 35 lb 45 lb
Capacity 35 gall Imp (42 gall US) 47 gall Imp (56,44 gall US)
Opening location choices
– centered on top surface
– centered on top and centered on side

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