1000 Litre Barrel

The 1000 litre barrel:
— Fills and empties easily
— Does not dent
— Easy to handle in two parts
— Strong
— Shows liquid levels while filling

Material food grade polyethylene
suitable for hot packaging
Wall thickness 3/8 inch average
Height 45 inches (51 inches on skid)
Diameter 43 inches
Weight 125 lb (+skid 55 lb) = 180 lb
Capacity 975 litres (243 gall US)
Skid 47 X 42 X 8-1/2 inches
1 opening choice location
– centered on top surface

We offer flexible and customized delivery service throughout Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario.

PLASTICA trades your old barrels.

You save on your next barrel order.

TOGETHER, we help the environment.

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